Alarms & CCTV are simply there to dissuade your average thief/hoodlum. They won’t physically prevent the crime, but as most thieves are lazy and worried about being caught on camera, they’ll usually target premises which have little or no security measures installed. Having obvious security features is the first step to getting a thief to walk away without attempting to break into your premises.

If you have side access around a property to the back, it’s advisable where possible to fit large gates that can be barred and/or padlocked. Thieves don’t want to bother vaulting a 7ft gate that could give way under their weight. Remember, if there are enough deterrents most thieves will move on to the next property. It’s imperative that you lock all windows and doors when you got out, regardless of how long you think you’ll be gone. Don’t assume that a window is too small for someone to squeeze through either, you’d be surprised how small a hole some of these people can fit through.

Outbuildings should be secured as well, thieves will often use the contents of your shed to get into your house or business premises. Ladders should be securely padlocked, tools should be kept under lock and key(the key should not be kept in the lock by the way) and under no circumstances should you leave a spare key under the doormat at the front of the premises (or the back).

It’s worth walking around your property at least once a year to check for potential security hazards. If you see something that needs dealing with don’t put it off, you’ll kick yourself if you just needed a padlock for a gate.