Over the past few years, CCTV has become increasingly affordable and effective to deter thieves and vandals. New digital technology means that CCTV cameras produce crystal clear images that leave no doubt about the offenders identity. They are aware that home or business CCTV systems can quite easily secure a conviction so tend to avoid them where possible.

Why take a chance that you will be identified by a CCTV system when there are plenty of houses without alarms or security monitoring devices. We can offer highly visible cameras that have proven to be a very effective deterrent against burglary and vandalism.



Can be used as evidence – When something unfortunate happens, like a crime or an accident, the CCTV will capture and record the occurrence. This is especially useful if legal action needs to be taken. When authorities seek evidence, all they need to do is approach the owner of the device and ask for recordings of the situation. This will reduce the time it will take to solve a crime or to settle a dispute that may occur between two parties. A review of the video will immediately identify the guilty parties and a quick resolution can be determined.

Discourages Crime – Having a camera on a company’s premises will significantly reduce or even deter crime completely. A camera does not even have to be turned on or functioning for that matter to make people double-think their actions. When people see a camera, they naturally assume that they are being monitored and even recorded.

Employees are protected – This is a great tool for keeping company employees safe. Most of these cameras are hooked up in key areas of a company. Once a company has setup them up, it is connected to a central unit. The security team has access to view all the key areas of a company’s premises. If problems occur or an emergency happens, the security team can take immediate action and go to the scene of the problem and/or call the appropriate authorities to assist with the issue.

Enhances security on premises – Before cameras were invented, security guards had to manually get a visitor to sign a log sheet. This was the only way to track who or when a visitor had entered a company’s premises. This method is very difficult to track down a person or to find out who was on the company’s premises at a certain time. This technology will take the guesswork out when locating possible suspects.