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Hawk-Eye-Security are proud to be listed on the Best Of Bridgend. Visit the site from here to view or leave a testimonial.

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Welcome to Hawk-Eye Security

Protection and peace of mind at home or commercial premises

Digital Video Recorder
We install a whole range of DVR systems. Recording automatically to a hard disk. These systems allow you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Security Camera
We can provide a wide range of camera types depending on you needs.

Burglar & Security Alarms
We have a great range of burglar alarms for you to choose from and we can even help you design the perfect burglar alarm for the protection of your home.


Alarm Systems

Supply up to date security alarms
wire free. With built in speech dialer, will give instant response within 5 secs of activation. Also doubles up as a PANIC ALARM for peace of mind for the older members of your families.

CCTV Systems

Offer a wide range of DVR recorders
from 250gb - TB hard drives. Can give up to 8 weeks recording time, also Internet accessible , therefore can view property any where in the world at the click of a button.